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About me

Born in Moscow, USSR, I have lived in The Netherlands for several years. Currently I am living in Russia.
By first education I am a biologist (PhD in Molecular Biology) and I have worked in scientific labs in Russia and The Netherlands. Now, I find more interest and beauty in working with people. I have studied maquillage (Nederlandse Beautyschool, Rotterdam). My interests lay in the fields of social psychology, psychology of creativity, psychology of beauty and personal development. Currently I am busy with my psychological education.

My other preferences are the areas of artistic design, copywriting and naming.
I have studied some basics of copywriting and I want to continue the study in this field.

I love photography and I enjoy working with photos.

As a makeup artist, I try and create an attractive new image to help underlying different sides of personal beauty. Fixed in a photograph, a new image may serve as a starting point to conscious personal changing and self-development.

I have some background in silversmith and jewellery design.

I speak Russian (mother tongue), English (Cambridge Proficiency Certificate), and Dutch.

I like interesting people, books and beautiful objects.


About the site

This site comprises my vision and ideas. The site content and artistic design are based on my photo works, except for three photos produced by the Nederlandse Beautyschool. (Portfolio, the photo with no makeup, Kinky Party and the two photos for Evening makeup II, white background).
Web design, technical support and hosting are all provided by Lamia IT
All the texts and photographs on this site are subject to copyright © and cannot be reproduced without my permission.

Portfolio presents me as a makeup artist and a photographer. In this part I also provide a short overview of the makeup styles used, with some hints and comments.

You could use the Contact link to leave a message, remark on the site or to request further information.

Galleries show places, creatures and things I find beautiful. These are updated regularly. I am planning to add galleries Crete and Mallorca.

In the Links you can find places which are interesting or useful, or both. Many of the sites are in Russian, but there also are English and Dutch speaking sites.