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Dear visitor, welcome to my site!

Vis is face in French and Vis-à-vis reads “face to face with”, as one of the meanings. We do face beauty everyday. And beauty faces us. Beauty is all around: beauty of the sky, beauty of a smile, beauty of water, beauty of cats (irresistible, are not they?), beauty of light and shadow... Facets of beauty and faces of beauty. And our faces are among them.

Makeup artist is called visagiste in French and visagist in Dutch and in German. He deals with faces, changes faces, underlines and accents their beauty. And visage is the face or appearance of a person.

I love faces - their different expressions and their charm, and I really like to change an appearance – it is like a game. So I decided to study maquillage and I called my site Beauty Vis-à-vis. Yet another meaning Vis-à-vis has is “with regard to”/”in relation to”. One can extend the site name as Beauty Vis-à-vis you/me. We are all in relation to beauty.

There is another vis, from Latin, and it means power, force or strength. And the power of beauty is invincible. So, welcome to my site and I will show you my vision and faces of beauty.